These terms and conditions are available to interested parties at all sales outlets, maritime stations and on the websites of

1. - Tickets are personal and non-transferable.Passengers shall be responsible for the thuthfulness of the data provided to obtain the ticket and which appear on the ticket. The vehicle to be transported shall be the one whose registration number appears on the ticket.

2.- Passengers must have the documents required by the regulations in force, and may be required by Company personnel to show them in order to verify compliance with the aforementioned regulations.

3.- The holder of this ticket has the right to be carried by the ferry company on the route indicated on the ticket, as well as to the carriage of personal baggage up to a maximum of 60 kg or 4 packages, above which an extra charge of up to a maximum of 75 kg must be paid.

The company declines all responsibility for the carriage of valuables (jewellery and others), money or objects of value which have not been entrusted to the captain or to a member of the crew designated by him.The carriage of mail (except for mail authorised by the postal administration), dangerous goods or illicit trade is prohibited.

4.- The price of the ticket does not include meals and refreshments on board.

5.- The holder of this ticket will be covered by the Compulsory Passenger Insurance.

6.- In the case of damage to baggage, the airline is only liable up to a maximum of 30 euros per checked baggage item.If the luggage is carried in the vehicle, all luggage carried in the vehicle shall be considered as one piece of luggage.Passengers' personal luggage shall remain in their custody and the shipping company is not responsible for any damage or theft.Vehicles covered by this ticket and luggage are handled by their owners or representatives, the Carrier shall only be liable for damage caused directly by the Carrier's personnel within the legal limits.

Claims for damage to or loss of checked baggage must be made in writing to the Company or its Agent at the time of delivery or when the baggage should have been delivered.

7.- Passengers shall behave in accordance with the safety and police regulations, both general and those of the ship, and shall have the documents required by the regulations in force.The shipping company will not be liable for the results of the passenger's negligence.

8.- The Company will not accept any complaint if it is not accompanied by the corresponding ticket used by the passenger.Any complaint shall be made in writing and shall be presented on the ship or at the offices of the Shipping Company during the trip or on the day of its termination.

9.- The latest boarding acceptance time (always referenced to the scheduled departure time of the vessel) is 60 minutes before departure time for passengers boarding with vehicles and 30 minutes for passengers without vehicles on conventional vessels.2 hours for lines departing from/to Huelva or Cádiz.On fast vessels, the boarding acceptance limit shall be 10 minutes before departure for passengers boarding without vehicles, and 15 minutes for passengers boarding with a vehicle.In the port of Tangier Med, the latest embarking time for passengers is 1 hour.

After embarking is closed, the Shipping Company incurs no liability for the loss of the reserved accommodation, or for refusing boarding to passengers and/or vehicles arriving late.

10.- The shipping company may change both the timetable and the dates of the journey, in which case the passenger will only be entitled either to a refund of the price or to a new booking on the first or subsequent dates or times on which places are available.In the event of force majeure or causes beyond the control of the shipping company, the latter declines any responsibility for any delays or suspensions.Under no circumstances does the shipping company assume responsibility for guaranteeing any type of link.

11.- This ticket is valid for one year from the date of issue, unless otherwise stipulated on the ticket itself.If it is not used on the date for which it was booked, and for the specific trip for which it was issued, the holder may use it within the validity period, subject to a reservation request, payment of the possible difference in fares and applicable expenses.

Charges for changes between vessels of different types (fast ferries or ferries) may incur in additional charges.

OPEN tickets issued are valid for one year from the date of issue, and their use is subject to prior reservation of a seat.

The company's return policy is as follows:

  • Less than 72 hours and more than 24 hours from the ship's departure date: 25% of the total cost of the ticket.
  • After the ship's departure date: 50% of the ticket price.
  • If canceled less than 24 hours before departure: 50% of the ticket price.
  • More than three days before the departure date: 0% expenses.
  • If cancelled on the same day the ticket is issued: 0% expenses.
  • In the event that the trip has been CANCELLED due to the shipping company's OWN CAUSES: 0% expenses.
  • In case the trip is CANCELLED due to ANY CAUSE OTHER THAN the shipping company: the % of the expenses corresponding to the ticket purchased, according to the previous paragraphs.

When the ticket has been issued by a travel agency, reimbursement shall be subject to the conditions of the travel agency.

12.- Tickets issued at special FARES are subject to specific conditions.“Savings” packs have restrictions on changes and returns and partial refunds shall not be available in any case. Penalties due to cancellation shall be subject to the conditions associated to the applicable rate, and, in some cases, it can entail the total loss of the price of the ticket.
13.- For the refund of tickets issued by the offices, the stakeholder must go to any of the Company's offices.Tickets issued by Travel Agencies will be reimbursed by them.

14.- If this ticket is used for carriage on vessels of other shipowners, the Shipping Company shall act exclusively as the authorised agent of that shipowner for issuing tickets

15.- No agent, employee or representative of the Shipping Line shall have authority to alter, modify or waive any of the provisions of this contract.
Any exclusion or limitation of liability of the carrier shall apply to and inure to the benefit of its agents, employees and representatives and any person or entity whose vessel is used by the carrier for the carriage and its agents, employees and representatives.

16.- There are special conditions for underage passengers travelling alone or travelling with an adult who is not their parent or legal guardian.

17.- In accordance with the applicable legal conditions, transport of pets shall be carried out exclusively in the spaces of vessels authorised for this purpose, except in the case of visually impaired persons, who may be accompanied by their guide dogs, in accordance with specific regulations.Passenger travelling with pets must carry the corresponding certificates of their pets, as set forth by the Health Authorities, with them.  Pet owners shall be responsible for feeding their pets on board.

18.- The carriage of vehicles as cargo shall be subject to the rules laid down by the shipping company.

19.- In the case of international maritime carriage, the provisions of the "Convention relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea" done at Athens on 13 December 1974 shall be compulsorily applicable, and in international carriage the passenger accepts that the liability of the carrier is subject to a deduction or excess of 117 SDRs in case of damage to the vehicle and 13 SDRs per passenger in case of loss of or damage to other items of luggage.Tickets in transit or in connection are non-refundable.

20.- I agree to consult the General Directorate for my identity and residence data existing in the Verification Systems of the Public Administrations, and I assume the liabilities derived from non-compliance with the requirements to obtain the resident bonus, according to Law 38/2003, General of Subsidies.


Armas Trasmediterránea will process the data require for managing and processing the purchase or acquisition process of the transport ticket.Your identification and contact details may have been provided to us by the agency that handled the purchase of your travel voucher.You may exercise the rights set out in Art.15 to 22 of the GDPR at the addresses given in the additional information. More info. in our Privacy Policy at and at


The sea waybill covers both containerised and roll-on/roll-off vehicle transport, including quay/dock, door/dock and door/door, as agreed between the customer and the shipping company.

The carriage of goods is subject to the general conditions of carriage of goods, which are available to shippers at the offices of the shipping company and on the website Shippers declare that they are aware of them and accept that these general conditions form part of the contract of carriage.

The parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for any litigations arising from the interpretation and application of this contract.