Area manager at Ceuta

What is it like developing your professional career at Naviera Armas Trasmediterránea? How did you begin?

I have been very lucky to begin and develop my career at Naviera Armas Trasmediterránea as starting a new role is never easy and I felt very supported by all my colleagues. I started with an internship scholarship where I did a post-graduate degree alongside a year of training, which enabled me to work in various departments, such as passenger service and loading. In 2017, after my training, I joined the workforce with a multi-faceted role at the Algeciras branch, and then in 2018 I took on the position of Passenger/Loading Coordinator. After this experience I took on more responsibilities. In June 2019, I was offered the chance to take on the position of area manager at Ceuta, a challenge that I accepted and embraced with enthusiasm.

What has it meant for you to take on management of the branch?

Being the area manager for Armas Trasmediterránea in Ceuta was a significant change to my career, with a lot of responsibility. Managing the branch is hard work. One of my objectives it to ensure my team is informed, trained and decisive. That is why I keep them up to date on all the changes within the company, such as new rates, new services. I also try to convey values to my team that I believe are necessary for growth, such as commitment, a good attitude and the ability to adapt to changes.

At a professional level, what has been your most enriching experience, or what has helped the most with your professional growth?

The most enriching experience has been having the chance to work with different lines and areas. I began working at the Algeciras branch, but I had the opportunity to transfer to the Melilla branch in summer, which enabled me to discover how another branch operates. This experience is a great example of my professional career, always defined by constant learning.

What do you most appreciate about working for Naviera Armas Trasmediterránea?

What I most appreciate about working for Armas Trasmediterránea is the professionalism of everyone within the organisation. I have been able to grow and learn thanks to all my colleagues, supervisors and area managers. I’m also very proud to be a part of a company with such a long history that is so renowned within the maritime sector, providing essential services for generations. 

Blanca Jimenez